Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Writing The Personal Statement

It's the middle of November, my colleges internal deadline for my UCAS application is less than s month away, and I've only just finished my statement. So while I spend the next couple of weeks hurrying my tutor along with my reference, I am sure that a few of you are still struggling to master the art form that is the personal statement, I have compiled a few tips that may help you along your way...

Plan, plan, plan...

Even if you have already started writing,  If, like me, you spent your first writing session watching the cursor blink on an empty word document, there are plenty of places you can get the ideas from. The Student Room's personal statement builder is a great way to gage exactly what you should cover, and their archive of statements are sorted by subject and by university, so if you are applying for an English Language course at Cardiff Univeristy, you can find an archive of what your chosen universities are looking for. The UCAS website also have a few helpful videos that are perfect for watching during tea/chocolate/crying breaks. 

...even if you've started

Hitting pause and writing a plan of action can allow you to take a step back, to figure out excactly what you want to say, and where you want to say, overall makimg the process a lot less stressful, and it can put the dozens of ideas circling your mind onto paper straight away. 

Don't overthink it

As you may of guessed at the end of my first tip, yes, my application has sent me on a bit of am emotional roller coaster; with considerably more lows than highs. It's easy to get caught up in every detail and every piece of advice you may recieve through family, friends or the Internet. But to avoid going into overdrive, just remind yourself of why you want to go to said university, to said course, and you are half way there.

Get a second opinion

You've finished your first draft; and its like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. But then you begin to have second thoughts: is it actually any good? Getting someone to read, edit, chop and add to your draft - be it your tutor, friends at university or your parents aka people that have seen or been in your situation before, will create the balance of your passion and excitement, with their wisdom and experience. 

Draft one, two, three

Drafts are your best friend. It's tempting to want to finish the entire application by spending a whole day tiring over it, or even pulling an all-nighter to add in those last few of the 4000 characters, but taking it step by step gives you time to recollect thoughts and collect advice from others.

And lastly, just do it!

It's as much work to procrastinate and worry about starting your statement, than actually starting it. Just stay calm, stay true to yourself, and stock up on extra strong tea and coffee supplies.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Weekend Post: A Day in Pompey

Happy Sunday everyone; to say today is my only day off at the moment is a loose term: paperwork from the office to tuck into is now a common occurrence, and that personal statement won't write itself, although I really wish it could...

Today's post is a look back on a couple of Saturday's ago, where I booked the day off from my Saturday job and took an early morning journey to Portsmouth, for my third and final university open day of the season. If you keep an eye on my Instagram @deskpartiesyou may already know I have visited both Winchester and my first choice campus; Cardiff in the last couple of months. Now although I already have my heart set on the campus of the Welsh capital, the entry requirements are tough, so Portsmouth is my now firm second, and therefore most important choice. Don't get me wrong, I have faith in myself to be the grades I need for the course at Cardiff, but nevertheless my mum and me visited Portsmouth (or Pompey, as the locals call it) to take a look at the campus and city in its full glory. 

The city is actually bigger than I expected! And the campus expands across the relatively large city centre, but despite being a large campus, everything was very accessible. 

After attending 3 lectures we made our way into Gunwharf Quays, which as a girl from the West, I couldnt help but don it 'the Southgate (in Bath) of Portsmouth'. In short: quite upmarket, but very nice for window shopping. We didn't venture to the high street, but I am sure the H&M and Boots would be of a size to my standards! We then refuelled in Jamie's Italian: we ate too much pasta, and drank too much lemonade, so it made sense to top that off with a coffee afterwards...

I'm upset that open day season is over; now application deadline is closing nearer and things start getting pretty real, pretty soon. I'm sure a copious amount of coffees will be consumed and several all nighters will be pulled sorting everything from UCAS references to housing applications, but in the end everything's very exciting and hopeful for me at the moment!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Few Things From LUSH

Until last week, I was a LUSH Virgin - I know. In my defence, I have always much preferred a steaming hot shower to a bubble bath, so paying a visit to a shop that markets itself as a bathcare cosmetic company never really crossed my mind.

Whether it was the recent influx of festive lush hauls on blogs and YouTube channels (is it bad I am counting down to Christmas now?), or due to my state of self pity after getting another piercing last Wednesday, me and one of my best friends took a trip into our local LUSH branch and I picked up a few things.

Lip Scrubs in Santa Baby and Mint Julips
The weather is changing for the colder months, so chapped lips are no distant memory for me right now - can I get a few hands up here? I rushed into lush a few weeks back to pick up Mint Julips for my emergency dry lip situation, and every night I take a pinch of the cane sugar based solution, rub it together between my lips, and because it is made from sugars and oils, the ladies in lush encouraged me to lick it off afterwards! I was impressed how smooth and delicious my lips looked (and tasted!) that I bought Santa Baby, which is coloured red and tastes like cola bottles. It's a bit more sticky than mint Julips, so if I were to repurchase one it would have the mint, however  

Snow Fairy shower gel
As I mentioned earlier, I love a long shower, so the idea of my morning wash smelling like raspberry bubblegum got me as excited as a kid in a sweet shop. Snow Fairy is one of their most well known products; I knew about the stuff before even setting foot in the store. It lathers beautifully and is silky smooth on the skim, but now every morning I feel like Christmas is drawing closer and closer as I use more and more of this stuff, and in hand with the fact it reminds me of the smell of pink Quality Street, it's practically a Christmas chocolate selection box in a bottle. Not brilliant considering it's only October, but I guess the only solution is to stock up so I can use it up until the big day. Oh what a shame...

Cosmetic Catastrophe Fresh Face Mask 
Taking a few steps back from the festive season and back to October, the sudden change in weather and drop in temperature is causing havoc for my skin, leaving me with dry cheeks and forehead and spots on my t-some, so when I saw their fresh face masks, nothing could of sounded more appealing than this face mask in particular, especially in my current state. It's main ingredients are blueberries, which are supposed to calm and detox the skin, and after using this several times, it does what it says on the tin. Upon applying it has an instant cooling effect, and after using this a few times already it has reduced the puffiness and redness on my t zone, leaving me with a lump and bump free face.

I am very happy with the products I tried, so now a question for you all: what should I buy next? I will remind you that I am not a bath person, so any shower and cosmetic recommendations please! 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Weekend Post: Coffee And Catch Up

It's become a tradition of mine in the last couple of months to send in the weekend with a soy latte; the calm before the storm of being a Saturday salesgirl at our local garden centre. So I thought I would take this moment of calm to catch up with my readers of my little corner of the Internet.

It's been several weeks that I have been studying for my third year at college, so I have established my old routines. Sleeping in on a Monday before a 11am lecture is beyond brilliant and very necessary before the full week ahead. As for my studies, my fast track business is anything but the wrong choice, and my retake for my second year of Anthroplogy has sent me back stronger and savvier than ever. But one things for sure is that I miss being with people my age, particularly my friends, who have all started at uni and surely settled in. 

As for work, I am putting my work ethic to a test. I am constantly on the go, cycling miles a day commuting from class to job, and although it's tiring and testing my brain power, I am loving every second of it. And even though I still drag myself to my Saturday job, I am happy to have great colleagues at both of my jobs to keep me company.

As I decided to quit cheerleading a few months ago, I bit the bullet and joined my local gym. I am going after college on days I don't work (twice a week) and I feel so much better for some high impact exercise back in my routine. I also am beginning to love my thrice weekly dog walks with my puppy, Skye. She's a cheeky girl but I love her to bits.

Looking forward, I am about to begin applying for university, by first tackling my personal statement - oh crap. On the flip side having my blog is a constant reminder of how much I love English Language and writing, which essays and applications can make me bloody resent the task. Amd as for blog content, I am aiming to post twice a week (on Wednesdays and Sundays) so keep your eyes peeled for brand new blog content on those days on Desk Parties.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

5 Reasons Why Bright Lips Are Better

If you asked me what my favourite lipstick colour was 12 months ago, it would be a nude rosey pink. Ask me now and it's a toss up between a blue toned pink or orange-red. Whether I am having a good skin day or suffering with the hangover of all hangovers, the bright way is always the right way. So today I am going to convince you with 5 reasons a bright lip is always better.

It makes your skin look brighter
I have quite a dull complexion, so after applying generous helpings of highlighter and bronzers for a bit of colour, I feel that if I follow with a bright pink, it makes my skin appear more radiant and sun kissed, even in the later months of the year. I try to avoid darker lip colours when I am lacking vitamin d, as the deep tones wash my pale winter skin out. 

There's a bright to suit anyone
Okay, so the first application of a vibrant red may not be suited to a more shy soul, because like it or not, you will stand out. But there is a bright that suits everyone. For example, I have a light to medium skin tone and very yellow undertones in my skin. So I know blue toned reds and pinks (think MAC's Russian Red) suit me best, as they are the opposite to my yellow undertones in my face. On the flip side, any orange or golden/yellow toned pink completely dulls my skin and washes me out, as they clash with my yellow undertones. 

It adds colour to an all-black outfit
This is my favourite one, as I am a self-confessed basics hoarder, I am all for the monochrome trend all year round. But sometimes wearing darker colours can make you appear quite moody and dark, so a bright lip not only lightens my mood, but makes you appear more approachable, put together and individual. 

Blue toned brights make your teeth look whiter
Going back to the colour wheel, as yellow and blue are on opposite ends of the colour spectrum, it means that these cherished blue toned brights will brighten your mouth, and the blue hues will draw out any yellow colouring on your teeth. Genius.

It lifts a bad mood
On mornings that I don't feel 100% myself, I want nothing more than to slip into a jumper and leggings and wish away the day. A simple face base is my fallback for bad days, so applying a brighter colour will lift my face, and for every time I look in the mirror at my pretty pout, my mood will move upwards too.

Monday, 29 September 2014

The Lip Lacquer Edit

Ah, the lip lacquer; a new beauty venture that began a couple of years ago...and I am only just jumping on the bandwagon. Oh how I have missed out! I haven't bought an actual lipstick in months, and my makeup drawers are now full to the brim with balm sticks, stains and lacquers.

So for today's post I have picked my favourite lip lacquers fit for purpose. But before I begin, I apologise for any rash (but necessary) purchases I induce after you have read is article. You have been warned.

The one for a bold lip
If I could marry a lip product, the Bourjois Velevet Rouge Lip Lacquer would be my lover! The formula is butter smooth, but this soon dries as a thick, matte colour on your lips. And then it will last all day. No cliches here, even after the messiest of meals the colour does not budge. With all of these factors, this lippie produces the perfect bold lip. The orange-red shade 'Hot Pepper' and the deep blue-red 'Grand Cru' are my current favourites for the autumn season, however the selection of bright pinks are on point for a spring and summer pout. 

The one for any time, any place 
I may of 'eep'ed a little when I heard the Maybelline Colour Elixirs had arrived along the aisles of my local Boots, and as predicted I belted my way down there to pick up a few shades. Like the Velvet Rouge Lacquers, the texture is so buttery, and the smell is amazing. Think warm toffee popcorn. And even with a thick, buttery finish, the formula is surprisingly long lasting. Not quite the same as the Bourjois balms, but equally as impressive. No other shade in the range can beat 'Raspberry Rhapsody' which is, unlike the name would suggest, a dark pink with mauve undertones, however I enjoy the pink true to its name 'Fuschia Flourish'. Both shades totally wearable and an any occasion go-to.

The one for a night on the town
For a night out, I look for an easy to apply option, to make sure I spend as little time as possible in the overcrowded ladies toilets at clubs, and a photo ready pout; so a bright colour that packs a lot of punch. And for me the Revlon Colourstay Lacquer Balm fit that bill for me. I only own one shade, the raspberry pink 'Provacetuer' and it is my go to for brightening my typically all-black ensembles. However I plan to pick up the purple toned pink 'Whimsical' and the sheer red 'Flirtatious' on future trips to boots when I am feeling spendy.

Tell me if you have surrendered to the lip lacquer, or if I have induced any purchases of these products...

Monday, 22 September 2014

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In My Bag: College Edition

Hello again! I am currently writing this from an overcrowded library surrounded by 17 year olds and the faint smell of fast food. Which can only mean one thing - college has started again. As I am studying my third and final year I have finally collected what I would consider my college essentials.

I have carried a rucksack pretty much everyday I have been studying here, and my go to at the moment is my New Look Rucksack in a pale lilac colour, which you would have seen photographed for my 5 things for your first day post. It's big enough for A4, perfect for worksheets, and has several pockets including a massive front pocket, which I mainly use for secret snacking in lectures, but it's also handy for carrying stuff too.

First thing to mention is that 99% of the time I don't take written notes in class. Shock horror. Instead, I have slimlined with my new iPad Mini I got for my 18th birthday. It's the perfect size for my rucksack and even my smaller tote bag for working and blogging out of college. And not having to lug several notebooks and folders around with me all day is the main selling point. So teamed with my document folders from WHSmith, for any worksheets or coursework I need to transport home crease free, I have the perfect lecture line up. But just in case I encounter an uber complicated graph or task that can't be typed up, I keep a notebook on hand for these emergencies.

As for stationery, I have two pencil cases; a cute pencil print number from Tesco, and a clear exam style pouch from Sainsburys. And they are both necessary; the printed pouch houses all my essentials: pencils, pens, sharpies, you know the drill. The clear case contains my unhealthy obsession for colourful ones. Inside you can spot my most loyal stationery items; the staedtler ball points, and the flouro version by Staples. Both brilliant for making boring equations and key words stand out in your notes or revision. 

And as true blogger, I keep a notebook handy for any spur of the moment ideas, and for sneakily writing posts in library booths. At the moment I am jotting in these patterned composition pads from Homesence. Super cheap and super cute.

I keep my beauty bag simple, however keep your eyes peeled for a specific post in the very near future, but for now let's appreciate how adorable this makeup bag from H&M is. Just adorable. And usually it houses the lip colour and scent I am wearing that day, touch ups including concealer and eyeliner, a mirror, hairbands, bobby pins, paracetamol and hay fever tablets. So overall very unglamourous. 

For my front pocket, I keep my keys, coin purse, work and college ID, tissues and as mentioned earlier, any secret snacks for munching in lectures. As for my phone and card wallet, I keep this in the fastened main section for safekeeping. 

And now for the taboo of all 'what's in my bag' posts, the 'sea of shite' at the bottom of my bag. And if you insist this doesn't exist in your handbag, you're not fooling anyone. Receipts, mints, lip products, pens, more lip products, sometimes even a pair of socks. Pretty impressive after only 2 weeks of college starting, I must say...

Friday, 5 September 2014

5 Things Before 'The First Day'

It's your first day at a new college or university. Its bigger, bolder and very different. I am ready to endeavour on my final, third year of college, but two years ago on my first day; I was bricking it. I wish I had someone to tell me how to deal with all the new experiences college brings: from wearing your own clothes (for school kids that suffered under thick shirts and terrible ties) to choosing your own subjects, to the crazy workload. Nevertheless I hope that today I can be that person - just think of me as your big sister for the next five paragraphs!

1) Do your homework
No, not completing essays (although, do that too!) but before starting refresh your memory on your courses and their content. I know I always feel more confident when I know what to expect and what's going to happen, so this step is a must for any fellow control freaks out there! If you are studying away from home, or even in a part of town you are not quite sure of, begin to search for local coffee shops, the cheapest lunch, and spots to study or chill out - aka the perfect spots for mornings or afternoons off!

2) Keep it low-key
If you are currently stressing out about what your first day outfit will be, stop now. If you are planning on stuffing your large tote until the poppers can't close shut, empty it. College is not the place for high-maintenance - as long as you keep clean and feel comfortable you will look the part. 

3) Grab your uniform
As mentioned in point 1, most colleges and sixth form have no clothing restrictions, so you are probably very confused/on the verge of a breakdown when reading the title of this point. But I don't mean it in the literal sense. When last minute back to college clothes shopping, find items from high street stores (because us students ain't go no time for labels) that you can mix and match seamlessly, so those 'nothing to wear' mornings are a thing of the past.

4) Be prepared
Most college websites will have equipment and textbook details listed on their course guides - so not only can you grab them before they are gone, but you'll have more effective study time. More study = less stress = win win. 

5) Be yourself
A saying to stick by in this situation is to 'start as you mean to go on'. Take the courses you love, talk to who you want and look the part. The best thing about college is that most schoolyard cliques are a thing of the past, so embrace your freedom and be who you want to be. I am miles more confident, independent and happy than 2 years ago, and I have college to thank! And for when I am feeling not so cocky and confident, I have coffee and concealer to thank.

Friday, 15 August 2014

The Catchup Post: July

Hello again! I am back with another update post, but this time with a different kind of title...

This month has seen many 40-hour working weeks as I have been seeing two jobs this summer; my Saturday Job at a Garden Centre (where I have worked for around a year now) and a temporary summer job at our local council. I have to admit I love the luxury of the office life - a constant flow of tea and coffee, lush outfits (a lot more feminine than my usual work uniform - consisting of combat trousers and bulky boots) and a happy set of colleagues.

On top of managing work, I have had my fair share of playtime, too. Making the most of my bike cycling around town, shopping (alot!) and in particular discovering a new diner - Chariots and Cherry Pie, so expect a review to pop on my blog very soon!

And most importantly, July is my birthday month, so several celebrations took place for my 18th birthday that was on the 30th of last month. I spent the actual day with family and friends, and on the Saturday took on my first day out on the town. For more on my first night out, take a look at my Get Ready With Me the night out beauty bag bare essentials posts for my perspective, and the beauty blogger in me's perspective of the night.

I hope you are all having an amazing summer, I can't wait for the next couple of weeks - a free house and festivals galore. Oh, and work of course.

Monday, 11 August 2014

The 'Night Out' Beauty Bag

If you read my blog post last Monday, you would know that I went out on the toon for the first time in Saturday night. I had an amazing night, but with the overcrowded clubs, bright lights and lack of air circulation creates a sweatier, smellier, more tired version of myself. From this photo I only took a couple of these things, but now I have been there, done that, and got the t shirt, I have collected the things I slipped into my bag on the night...and the essentials I wish I had taken for this post.

First, I will start with the bits I did bring, and seeing as sore feet were at the top of my 'possible scenarios to avoid' list, I was sure to slip a pack of Scholl's Party Feet in my F&F clutch bag (FYI I didn't include a seperate beauty bag inside, cause ain't nobody got time for dat). They do what they say on the tin, but that didn't stop me from kicking my heels off at midnight, a job well done by my Primark Flats, comfy and only £4 - so no need to worry if they get ruined - win win! I also included my scent (Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy) in roll on form, which is perfect for a handbag, and my lippie for the night, which was the new Revlon Moisture Stain in the shade 'Barcelona Nights'. Unfortunately it didn't feel like Barcelona in the cold British, summer night weather here, but it was as close as I could get.

Now for the things I could of done with, or the fails. As it was my first night out, a few bumps in the road were bound to happen. The first of these was forgetting powder. I applied my Stay Matte powder from Rimmel before I left, but after hours of dancing I was in need of deshining my t zone. Another sweat-free tactic I missed were hairbands (!) for emergency pineapple situations. And two things that weren't missed too much, but that I would of loved the luxury of, was my eyeliner and mascara, both from the Benefit They're Real range; to keep my eye game strong, all night long. 

Nevertheless, not any vital mistakes were made, but the whole experience could have been a lot smoother and sweat free with a few of my beauty friends.

Monday, 4 August 2014

The Saturday Night Out

Oh Monday, you are my enemy right now. Particularly this week; as on Saturday I had my first night out/clubbing experience. Boy, it was good.

Me and 12 of my friends hopped into our local Italian 'Da Vincis' for some good grub, then I followed their footsteps as they showed me how to have a good night in our town. I had their spinach and ricotta tortelloni in a rich creamy sauce *drools* with a glass of rosé (because, now I can!). After our meal, we popped into the local pub for a drink, before heading to the clubs. We danced the night away and I didn't get home until after 2am. 

The first thing I organised for my birthday was in fact my outfit - #bloggerproblems or what? I lept into this strapless jumpsuit number, partnered with this beautiful beaded clutch, from none other than F&F, or otherwise known as Tesco. I definitely would not expect this outfit to be a supermarket purchase being such good quality and wonderful fit.
I spent most of my evening on the dance floor, so by about midnight I abandoned my 4 inch platform heels for my trusty Primark flats. Nevertheless these heels are actually the only pair I own. Yes, you read that correctly. Thankfully they are so simple and worked nicely with the outfit, so I opted out of buying a new pair of heels. Perhaps next time...

I wanted to wear things that made me feel comfortable, and in turn the most confident, so I kept my face makeup bronzed and fresh, all thanks to my NYC 'Sunny' Bronzing Powder, and a few dabs of the Soap & Glory . For my eyes I used my much-loved Naked Basics Palette to create a subtle smokey eye, and my favourite eyeliner of the moment; Benefit's They're Real Push-Up Liner (in love) and the matching mascara. And for my lips I was very excited to test drive Revlons Moisture Balm Stain in Barcelona Nights, which stood the test of time as it dried almost instantly and lasted all night - so it was smiles all round in the lip department.

Overall I had a great first night out on the to'on, but let's not get too carried away, we all know my next will be how I found a new flavour of green tea in Sainsburys.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Jacob's Coffee House, Bath

It's no secret that I love coffee. So when my parents offered me a lift into the beautiful city of Bath; somewhere I visited countless times, but definitely more for rugby matches than shopping or mooching, i took prime opportunity of taking some time on TripAdvisor the night before to find the best independent cafés in the centre. Let's face it - I am a coffee snob...

The cafe is tucked away on a corner of Cheap Street - one of the main shopping streets in the city. The cosy size and rustic interior invited me in, but it's polished overall look convinced me that this could be a damn good cup of coffee. I usually take my coffee black, but over the summer I find myself falling for an iced soy latte, and I was very pleased to hear not only that they carried soy, but there wasn't an extra charge. Win win! 

I perched myself on a bench outside of the cosy cafe, as the weather was sunny and the view of the Abbey was too pretty to miss. Plus it was incredibly busy in their upstairs seating, so I am assured the cafe is a local favourite as well as a TripAdvisor tourist hotspot. However I noticed the temperature had risen about 10 degrees as I climbed the stairs, so perhaps if it were cooler I would of waited for a seat on the top decks.

The most important factor was the coffee, of course, and it did not disappoint. The milk was light and smooth, not the tangy, and sometimes the almost gone-off, taste that some other soy milks have. I should of asked what brand they carry to bring the Jacob's taste back home with me! The espresso was just how I like it too, strong but not too bitter.

So thanks Jacob's for a great coffee, but I wouldn't visit you on a humid rainy day - as either sitting in the rain or the hot just, well, doesn't sound hot!

Until the next post,


Monday, 28 July 2014

5 Things I Have Learnt Working 9 to 5


Over the last month I have been working in a small team of ladies; tucked away in our local council offices for 3 days a week on a 9-5 schedule for the holidays. So I thought I could update you all on the matter by suggesting 5 lessons I have learned working from full time:

1) Caffeine is your best friend
I have always been a morning person, but by 4pm I am ready to get my PJs on and put the day to rest on the sofa. For the rest of the day, I will drink gallons of green tea and water, but relying on coffees and teas at that 4 o clock slump is a must.
2) Your travel-sized stash will come in handy
When in a rush, I have a habit of throwing more than I need for the day, which results in handbag zips that won't zip and very sore arms! To keep things simple, I always keep a mini hand cream, sanitiser and perfume, plus my lippie of the day. Yesterday I discovered 8 different lipsticks in my bucket bag, so a reminder to constantly clear it out is now on my agenda!
3) Yes, you can do eyeliner flicks in under a minute
I always leave doing my makeup till the end of my morning routine, so an on-demand steady hand for my flicked eyeliner has been required for the last month. And my skills with the pen have proved quite successful; surprisingly smudge and stress free!
4) Every meet up is now always a catch up
Now that I only have two days in the week free, meeting up with friends has been proven quite difficult (especially with holidays and their corresponding jobs) so I have found I am falling behind the radar. So weekly catch ups with at least one friend, and accepting every party invite I get are almost compulsory if I want to stay on top of the goings on in my social group!
5) You will spend 90% of your spare time shopping
And finally, as we all know, points make prizes, or in my case, several pay packets a month, and even saving most of my cash for driving lessons, still leaves me enough to introduce new friends to my wardrobe and beauty drawers. Besides, I do deserve it.

Friday, 18 July 2014

A Peachy Post

Hello again!

For me, aside from religiously wearing Birkenmocks and plaiting more halo braids than the amount of times I have Ed Sheeran's new album on repeat (which is a lot, by the way), for me this summer I am crazy for anything peach. So naturally, I am dedicating a blog post to my peach favourites.

I always shower in the morning; my favourite time of the day, so the smell of warm, fuzzy peaches from The Body Shop's Vineyard Peach Body Scrub just makes showertime the best time, and smell of the day. After scrubbing my sorrows away, I apply lashings of The Body Shop's Vineyard Peach Body Lotion, which is super moutrisitng, non-sticky, and smells just as amazing as the body scrub. I can literally smell the fuzz on the peach skin!

Peachy pink tips look sophisticated, and the cool, light hues make your tan look oh-so-fab. My favourites are Tanya Burr's Nail Polish in Peaches and Cream; one of my favourites from her new line is a pink toned peach colour, and Barry M's Nail Paint in Peach Melba; possibly my favourite drugstore nail polish formula of all time (behind the Gelly version!) and the perfect orange-toned peach colour. 
And for a pop of dusky peachy-pink cheek colour, I always turn to my trusty blush in Peach Melba by Natural Collection. It gives a natural glow and a tanned tone to the skin, and at only £2 a pop, this has been repurchased by me almost every summer.

Lastly, as my complexion doesn't agree with pale nudes, my picks for a peachy pout are slightly darker, but definitely just as fruity. Revlon's Balm Stain in Elusive is the perfect pink - like the fruit slightly ripened, and a quick coat of Tanya Burr's Lip Gloss in Afternoon Tea adds the nicest shine.

Speaking of afternoon tea, I am drinking gallons of this Sainsbury's Green Tea with Peach at work and home, tastes and smells insane and is only 90p - I am sold.

Until the next post,
Libby x

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Week in Photos No. 2 // deskparties

Hello again!

It's been an eventful month; I have started a second job for the summer and I am currently training for my last ever cheerleading competition (until Uni, at least) so finding my balance between work and play has been a little top heavy (towards the work front) this month. But of course I did squeeze a couple of cute days out and #foodporn to share for you all!

• walking my westie, Skye • samples shopping with my friend • sibling selfies • 
• bournemouth beachfront • mr whippy kind of weather • my beach beauty bag contents •
• iced coffee in newly discovered cafes • letting my hair down • lazy day essentials •
• tgif traditions • saturday night in stash • sunday brunch watching sunday brunch •

I hope the month of July treats you well; this month sees me competing in Bournemouth, having bbqs with friends and turning 18 (finally!). What will you be up to in the month of July?

Until the next post,
Libby xx

Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Weekend Post #2 // deskparties

In my last weekend post, you saw me going for a family meal for my dad's birthday; an activity that has always been a rarity in my family. Therefore today I thought I would share a more realistic sight of my weekends, or Saturday night, in this case.

Above is my standard Saturday night in set up - amazing, huh? Yep, I am counting down the days until I turn 18, and evenings spent vegging out are as frequent as days dancing the night away. Nevertheless, I am happy to drown my sorrows in diet coke and cheesy musicals for the time being.

As I came in from work, I slipped into my cool and comfy clothes, aka a big hoodie, leggings and these cute as a button owl slippers from Matalan. After eating dinner and feeding the dog, I popped some Graze popcorn; in the flavour Slightly Sweet (the best of the box - more posts on this subscription snack box in the future!) and my favourite tea of the moment: Clipper's green tea with peppermint. Perfection.

Before switching on my film - tonight it was Mamma Mia (I sang, alot. And really loud...) I lather on a thick layer of any face mask, but as I am suffering from a breakout at the moment, I went for the Superdrug Purifying Mud Mask with Witch Hazel; to bust those bad boy blemishes. One fact about me is that I always paint my nails at night, and as I had some extra time this Saturday I tipped my fingers with Tanya Burr's Nail Polish in Little Duck, and on my toes Rimmel's 60 Second Nail Polish in Coralicious. Mint blue and coral is my favourite mani-pedi combo at the moment; so bright and enhances my tan.

What did you get up to this Saturday night? Let me know in the comments!

Until the next post,
Libby xx

Friday, 27 June 2014

Tuesday at Bournemouth Beach // deskparties

As mentioned in my previous post, on Tuesday I took a trip to Bournemouth with some of my oldest, and some new friends. It was a day full of sun and sand (the stuff gets everywhere!) as it's been so lovely here in England the last few weeks. I bought these trousers (that are originally from Topshop) on depop the other day in brand new condition at a 1/3rd of the RRP - steal! 

We also spotted an ice cream boat (pictured above) which makes an odd change to the typical land vehicle equivalent. I also managed to take a suprisingly appropriate amount of selfies with my best friend, Kristen (last picture).

And of course, we couldn't leave the beach without grabbing chips for our lunch, and a Mr Whippy in the afternoon. If you live in the UK, and something you should know if you don't, is that these are important on the 'beach day to-do' list. And to top the brilliant day off, I returned home with a sunkissed glow; the sign of a well-spent summer's day...also the sign of a girl that tans almost too quickly considering her English rose complexion.

What are your plans for the summer? I hope to have more beach days out soon!

Until the next post,
Libby xx

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Beach Beauty Bag // deskparties

Yesterday I spent the day on Bournemouth with some of my friends. But before I left I had to pack some of my favourite, much needed (!) beach beauty essentials for a day at the beach. 
As soon as I even get of the car, I slap on some suncream, and this year's favourite is Reimann's P20 Once a Day sunscreen. It has SPF 30, and I don't need to reapply during the day: basically anything to avoid sticky, sandy skin action and I am sold. 

I then cover my lips in Labello's Classic Care lipbalm. I picked this up from Germany last time I went and I like it a lot more than it's counterparts; creamy and not sticky, and stays put for a long time, which is much needed when I will be scoffing chips and ice cream throughout the day. And for a hint of colour, I always turn to my Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Sultry. These balms are the stay tuned for a review coming soon!

For my hair, a folup brush by The Body Shop and Batiste Dry Shampoo keeps my hair non-greasy and tamed. 

Towards the end of the day, I top up any sore patches of my skin with a sample sized Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotion, just to prolong the longevity of the P20, and keep my skin flake-free. After applying, my hands are left pretty sticky, so A blob of The Body Shop's Mango Hand Cleanse Gel cleans this up when the bathroom queues are unbearable, and a thin layer of Loccitane's 20% Shea Hand Cream to keep my hands feeling super soft.

Going along with the Mango theme, I am always reapplying The Body Shop's Mango Eu De Toilette when I am spending time somewhere hot. It's my favourite summer scent and reminds me of being on holiday - period.

And to store my beauty stash, I used my H&M transparent ice cream print cosmetic bag - it matches my favourite beach snack, so what's not to like?

Let me know in the comments what your must-have product is at the beach - I would love to try some of your suggestions, 

Until the next post,