Wednesday, 15 October 2014

A Few Things From LUSH

Until last week, I was a LUSH Virgin - I know. In my defence, I have always much preferred a steaming hot shower to a bubble bath, so paying a visit to a shop that markets itself as a bathcare cosmetic company never really crossed my mind.

Whether it was the recent influx of festive lush hauls on blogs and YouTube channels (is it bad I am counting down to Christmas now?), or due to my state of self pity after getting another piercing last Wednesday, me and one of my best friends took a trip into our local LUSH branch and I picked up a few things.

Lip Scrubs in Santa Baby and Mint Julips
The weather is changing for the colder months, so chapped lips are no distant memory for me right now - can I get a few hands up here? I rushed into lush a few weeks back to pick up Mint Julips for my emergency dry lip situation, and every night I take a pinch of the cane sugar based solution, rub it together between my lips, and because it is made from sugars and oils, the ladies in lush encouraged me to lick it off afterwards! I was impressed how smooth and delicious my lips looked (and tasted!) that I bought Santa Baby, which is coloured red and tastes like cola bottles. It's a bit more sticky than mint Julips, so if I were to repurchase one it would have the mint, however  

Snow Fairy shower gel
As I mentioned earlier, I love a long shower, so the idea of my morning wash smelling like raspberry bubblegum got me as excited as a kid in a sweet shop. Snow Fairy is one of their most well known products; I knew about the stuff before even setting foot in the store. It lathers beautifully and is silky smooth on the skim, but now every morning I feel like Christmas is drawing closer and closer as I use more and more of this stuff, and in hand with the fact it reminds me of the smell of pink Quality Street, it's practically a Christmas chocolate selection box in a bottle. Not brilliant considering it's only October, but I guess the only solution is to stock up so I can use it up until the big day. Oh what a shame...

Cosmetic Catastrophe Fresh Face Mask 
Taking a few steps back from the festive season and back to October, the sudden change in weather and drop in temperature is causing havoc for my skin, leaving me with dry cheeks and forehead and spots on my t-some, so when I saw their fresh face masks, nothing could of sounded more appealing than this face mask in particular, especially in my current state. It's main ingredients are blueberries, which are supposed to calm and detox the skin, and after using this several times, it does what it says on the tin. Upon applying it has an instant cooling effect, and after using this a few times already it has reduced the puffiness and redness on my t zone, leaving me with a lump and bump free face.

I am very happy with the products I tried, so now a question for you all: what should I buy next? I will remind you that I am not a bath person, so any shower and cosmetic recommendations please! 

Thursday, 9 October 2014

The Weekend Post: Coffee And Catch Up

It's become a tradition of mine in the last couple of months to send in the weekend with a soy latte; the calm before the storm of being a Saturday salesgirl at our local garden centre. So I thought I would take this moment of calm to catch up with my readers of my little corner of the Internet.

It's been several weeks that I have been studying for my third year at college, so I have established my old routines. Sleeping in on a Monday before a 11am lecture is beyond brilliant and very necessary before the full week ahead. As for my studies, my fast track business is anything but the wrong choice, and my retake for my second year of Anthroplogy has sent me back stronger and savvier than ever. But one things for sure is that I miss being with people my age, particularly my friends, who have all started at uni and surely settled in. 

As for work, I am putting my work ethic to a test. I am constantly on the go, cycling miles a day commuting from class to job, and although it's tiring and testing my brain power, I am loving every second of it. And even though I still drag myself to my Saturday job, I am happy to have great colleagues at both of my jobs to keep me company.

As I decided to quit cheerleading a few months ago, I bit the bullet and joined my local gym. I am going after college on days I don't work (twice a week) and I feel so much better for some high impact exercise back in my routine. I also am beginning to love my thrice weekly dog walks with my puppy, Skye. She's a cheeky girl but I love her to bits.

Looking forward, I am about to begin applying for university, by first tackling my personal statement - oh crap. On the flip side having my blog is a constant reminder of how much I love English Language and writing, which essays and applications can make me bloody resent the task. Amd as for blog content, I am aiming to post twice a week (on Wednesdays and Sundays) so keep your eyes peeled for brand new blog content on those days on Desk Parties.