Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Birthday burger bash // deskparties

On Thursday it was my not so little brother's birthday. Joey requested that we visited his favourite burger joint: Ed's Diner; a American diner chain here in the UK. We visited several times in London, so were very excited when a branch opened in our hometown over a year ago. Now, a firm favourite in our family.
We all ordered Ed's plates: Joey went for the 'Big Bubba' (with bacon and cheese), my dad the 'Pulled Pork Deluxe' (BBQ pulled pork and cheese, my mum 'the original' (salad, Mayo, mustard and gherkins) and for the vegetarian runt of the family, I opted for the sweet potato beans. I also picked sweet potato fries to have instead of regular fries, they are too good to turn down!

And it wouldn't be a trip to Ed's if we didn't order milkshakes. They are terribly expensive (4.15 for just the regular kind!) But worth every sip...especially when you're not paying! ;-)

I tried my hardest to order a new and exciting flavour (I was torn between Peanut Butter and Strawberry) but I wimped out last minute and got the vanilla, I just couldn't leave without my boring but brilliant flavour choosing!

We never go out for dinner as a family so we had a brilliant evening! Plus my dad may of bought us a cheeky Snapple each ;-) 

 Pink Lemonade reminds me of drinking it in the early hpirs of the morning on my trip to Spain with friends last year - random but good times!

See you in the next post - the second part of my revision blogging series!
Libby xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Catch ups, waffles and Cirencester // deskparties

Its the Easter holidays! Its easy to get stir crazy staying in the same place during term time, so when I am not working extra hours in my job I take the opportunity to visit out of town friends

On Monday I took a trip to Cirencester to meet one of my classmates from last year; Emily. This has become a termly tradition of ours - and since she lives in a nicer area I am more than happy to travel to her every time! (And with my student card I can travel out of county for only £1.20 each way!)

Cirencester is a typical town for West England: narrow streets, cute boutiques, quirky cafes and old buildings. We wandered and ate our lunch in the park.

After she left to go back to work I headed to one of the most popular student spot in the town: 'He Says She Waffles'; a waffle house 2 minutes from the town centre. They offer a variety of sweet and savoury waffles but I always order the plain waffle with syrup - which failed to disappoint.

The buses are far from regular so I spent some time snapping some photos and strolling in the sun. Perfect.

Do you have any half term traditions? Or favourite places to visit for a day out?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Welcome to deskparties! // deskparties

Well hello there! How are you? My name is Libby and this is my new blog baby deskparties. I'm not going to pretend that it has taken me quite some time to get to writing this first post (finding a blog name was harder than I expected!).

I live in a big town in England and I am studying in my second year at college, which makes me almost 18; which I hope will bring me university placements for an English Language degree (I am applying a year late) and a better social life...or at least the ability to go out every week.

Another thing about me (that you may of guessed from adding up my love for reading and many nights spent in) - I love blogs. They have become something quite high fashion an professional now, but most blogs still manage to stay quirky and down to earth.

With my blog, I want to support that. But you can't start a new blog without a USP (unique selling point). I am a student, and if you are a fellow student you will know that most of our time is spent in clammy classrooms, and if any of you work in offices; small, claustrophobic spaces. With all that on your plate, its hard to find the time, or reason, to feel a million dollars at the desk.
At deskparties, I want to write about desk friendly fashion, beauty, food, diys, lifestyle - that will make work, and getting to work, quicker and more colourful.

I will be posting regularly - twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays, for some much needed deskpiration - come and join me? For your off-duty Libby fix: follow me on instagram and twitter @deskparties
Do you work at a desk? What do you do? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,
Libby xx