Sunday, 7 August 2016

Birthday G&Ts

I've had a change of taste.

Long gone are teenage nights with Caribbean Twists and Vodka and Mixers. So turning twenty *cries under breath* called for a new tipple: gin and tonic. 

At first I was fearful, firstly as it`s my dad`s drink of choice (although this hints to some sophistication), and secondly, I`d heard it was pretty gross. But after finding a few recipes, gin and tonics each with a different twist, the results were pretty fab. So if you're a G&T novice, or fancy a twist on your favourite tipple, here are a couple of recipes tried and tested by a beginner-in-gin-and-tonic birthday girl.

Strawberry and Mint Gin and Tonic 
(For 1 person)
2 shots (50ml) dry gin
1 handful (around 8) strawberries
250ml tonic water
1 sprig (4 or so leaves) mint 
Ice cubes (to serve)

First, grab your gin, strawberries and a couple of leaves of mint and either crush or blend until the strawberries form a thick, watery paste. Then, take a sieve and strain the gin infusion into your glass. 

Then, pop in your ice, top off with your tonic and use the last couple of leaves of mint to garnish. 

Cranberry and Thyme Gin and Tonic
(For 1 person)
2 shots (50ml) dry gin
150ml cranberry juice
100ml tonic water
2 or 3 pieces of thyme
Ice cubes (to serve)

A rather simple, but sweet concoction. Take the gin, top with the cranberry juice and tonic over the ice, and pop the thyme in to infuse for a few minutes.

My question of the day is: what`s your favourite summer drink? Let me know!

See you on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Turning 20

Balloons afloat, 
Numbers in the air
The cake is cut,
Into slices square

Drinks are sipped,
Tipsy thoughts on mind,
Laughter is shared,
Wandering in hind

Sight of stumbling,
Inebriated friends,
Midnight is leering,
Another year will end

Tears are shed,
Salt and rum infusion,
Friends are fed,
Eating food with trusion

Forcing into bed,
Intoxicated glee,
Singing under breath,
'Happy birthday to me'