Friday, 27 June 2014

Tuesday at Bournemouth Beach // deskparties

As mentioned in my previous post, on Tuesday I took a trip to Bournemouth with some of my oldest, and some new friends. It was a day full of sun and sand (the stuff gets everywhere!) as it's been so lovely here in England the last few weeks. I bought these trousers (that are originally from Topshop) on depop the other day in brand new condition at a 1/3rd of the RRP - steal! 

We also spotted an ice cream boat (pictured above) which makes an odd change to the typical land vehicle equivalent. I also managed to take a suprisingly appropriate amount of selfies with my best friend, Kristen (last picture).

And of course, we couldn't leave the beach without grabbing chips for our lunch, and a Mr Whippy in the afternoon. If you live in the UK, and something you should know if you don't, is that these are important on the 'beach day to-do' list. And to top the brilliant day off, I returned home with a sunkissed glow; the sign of a well-spent summer's day...also the sign of a girl that tans almost too quickly considering her English rose complexion.

What are your plans for the summer? I hope to have more beach days out soon!

Until the next post,
Libby xx

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Beach Beauty Bag // deskparties

Yesterday I spent the day on Bournemouth with some of my friends. But before I left I had to pack some of my favourite, much needed (!) beach beauty essentials for a day at the beach. 
As soon as I even get of the car, I slap on some suncream, and this year's favourite is Reimann's P20 Once a Day sunscreen. It has SPF 30, and I don't need to reapply during the day: basically anything to avoid sticky, sandy skin action and I am sold. 

I then cover my lips in Labello's Classic Care lipbalm. I picked this up from Germany last time I went and I like it a lot more than it's counterparts; creamy and not sticky, and stays put for a long time, which is much needed when I will be scoffing chips and ice cream throughout the day. And for a hint of colour, I always turn to my Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in Sultry. These balms are the stay tuned for a review coming soon!

For my hair, a folup brush by The Body Shop and Batiste Dry Shampoo keeps my hair non-greasy and tamed. 

Towards the end of the day, I top up any sore patches of my skin with a sample sized Hawaiian Tropic Sun Lotion, just to prolong the longevity of the P20, and keep my skin flake-free. After applying, my hands are left pretty sticky, so A blob of The Body Shop's Mango Hand Cleanse Gel cleans this up when the bathroom queues are unbearable, and a thin layer of Loccitane's 20% Shea Hand Cream to keep my hands feeling super soft.

Going along with the Mango theme, I am always reapplying The Body Shop's Mango Eu De Toilette when I am spending time somewhere hot. It's my favourite summer scent and reminds me of being on holiday - period.

And to store my beauty stash, I used my H&M transparent ice cream print cosmetic bag - it matches my favourite beach snack, so what's not to like?

Let me know in the comments what your must-have product is at the beach - I would love to try some of your suggestions, 

Until the next post, 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

The Weekend Post // deskparties


Sibling selfies • like mother, like son • printed trousers from topshop getting their first wear •

Realistically, my weekends consist of a Friday night in (whilst I am still 17...), working throughout my entire Saturday, every other Saturday night out with friends, and shmoozing away my Sundays. So it's a rare thing that me and my family will go out. Even on bank holidays/weeks off. 

The pizza of the moment - just look at those onions! • bon appetit •

I was very excited to discover that Frankie and Benny's had a new menu, so I ordered one of the new arrivals without thinking. I eat pasta a fair few times a week, so I decided to change it up by ordering the 'Red French pizza'; basically a vegetable pizza with a spicy tomato sauce - it was pretty tasty.

I went with my brother and mum, what with my dad on a holiday with a friend, and they both ordered pizzas too. I guess we are just happy to try something other than pasta!

Blueberry, peanut butter, and vanilla ice cream • twinning desserts with my mum •

And of course, pudding is always on the agenda. I mean, it's the weekend, right? Me and mum went for 3 scoops of ice cream each, and again getting excited about food, opted for their newer flavours: blueberry, peanut butter (heaven!) and the classic vanilla.

It was a shame that my dad was away, as it was his birthday (happy 46th, Dad!), but as I am writing this, he is coming home tonight, so some belated birthday celebrations must be in order!

Until the next post, 
Libby xx

Friday, 20 June 2014

Out and about in Birkenmocks // deskparties

This week has been a 'get things done' sort of week. I found these double strap sandals on depop the other day, and for £6, I nabbed them up sooner than you can say 'birkenmock'.

They were originally from Primark and so far I am very impressed with their quality. They did give me sore feet after the first wear, but since then it has been like walking on pillows. I believe they have sold out completely in Primark stores, but similar styles are stocked in almost every shop on the high street (and online) this season!

I've spotted some white thong strap sandals made with the same cork sole in my local branch, so I think they are next on the list! Now all I need are some baggy sweats and sunglasses bigger than my face to perfect the Olsen look. Now thats a challenge I am more than happy to accept.

What are your favourite shoes to wear in the summer? I have a guilty pleasure for flip flops, they are so cliche but they are so damn comfortable!

Until the next post,

Libby x

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Week in Photos // deskparties

Hello strangers!

So the time has come: exams are finally over *celebratory dance* so my summer has begun. I already have some amazing plans for the next couple of months, but looking back, the last month has been fairly ordinary (apart from a few exciting events)...anyhow, here is my monthly round up: in the form of instagram photos!

• superdrug stop off • en route to Katy Perry  the best use for the iPhone torch  
• gloomy days = iced soy lattes • wearing earrings for the first time in months (ouch)
  destressing after my psychology exam 
• getting back into green tea • quick trip to cirencester for a study day • sunny day 
= screamed for ice cream 
• dress down monday • quick trip to tesco • trying a new tea & made in chelsea 

Follow me for photos of the like of these @deskparties on instagram, or stay tuned for next months upde! I will be posting bi-weekly from now on, so don't forget to check back for a new post later this week - its great to be back!

Until next time,
Libby x