Friday, 3 April 2015

The April Playlist.

(Before reading, pop on headphones and turn up volume)

Sharing music is something new for my blog, but as its the one of the two things that gets me out of bed in the morning (coffee being the second) and always the last thing I do before head meets pillow, (with George Ezra's 'Wanted On Voyage' being my comedown record of choice), it's safe to say it plays a major role in my life, so if so, why not share that here?

April will be a busy month for me, so I'll be tuning in to easy listening tracks and travel-size tracks, keeping me sane on long train journeys and softer sounds to help me kick-start some focused A-Level revision.

My music taste is quite varied, favouring from acoustic to aggressive, head banging rock sounds, you can always expect an eclectic line up as I plan to post my music picks every month from April on-wards. I've also thrown in a couple of tracks from bands on my local scene; something a little different from the top 40 but tunes I have been singing at the top of my voice every morning!

So grab your cup of coffee, get on that bus/train and get working with this playlist, (which you can listen to with this link, or in this post with the player below) And let me know in the comments what your favourite song/album is at the moment - I love discovering new music!

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Start-Up Your Studies.

They always say that starting a project is the hardest task, I mean, I am sure that most of us have spent hours, and more often than not, days staring at a blank page or word document, tapping your pen or staring at the cursor blink over and over and over. And I am definitely no stranger to this!

Yep, it's just under 3 months to go, and I have already started revising for the summer exams. You may think I am crazy, and I am, but when it comes to studying for that important test, I believe that getting ahead, before you have time to fall behind, is the key. Because cramming the night before is not the one! So if you find you are struggling to start-up your revision, here are a few ways you can.

Find a workspace. 
I am an organised chaos. My life is run by to do lists, notebook apps, reminders and post-it notes (if you ever have documents to file, I'm the girl to call) but my bedroom is a shit tip. So before I even lay hands on an exercise book, I give my desk and room a good spring clean.

Get your sh*t together. 
I'm sure I'm not the only student that has a substantial store of notes from last year, because, just in case. But now the deadline for exam retakes has passed us by, those notes are finally useless. Clear out old notes, get rid of notebooks that are full to the brim and start making space for new study materials. 

Time (for a) table. 
A revision timetable is a fundamental tool for productive revision, so take the time to draw one up, tap one into your phone calendar or use a timetable website. My favourite is a site I have been using since the beginning of my GCSEs, 5 years ago, so it gets my seal of approval. The key to a good revision plan is to be realistic - I always start by adding slots when I know I can't, or won't study, and build blocks of revision around them. That way you will be more focused, and able to make time for things you enjoy. Because, F.R.I.E.N.D.S can't watch itself, right?