Tuesday, 30 September 2014

5 Reasons Why Bright Lips Are Better

If you asked me what my favourite lipstick colour was 12 months ago, it would be a nude rosey pink. Ask me now and it's a toss up between a blue toned pink or orange-red. Whether I am having a good skin day or suffering with the hangover of all hangovers, the bright way is always the right way. So today I am going to convince you with 5 reasons a bright lip is always better.

It makes your skin look brighter
I have quite a dull complexion, so after applying generous helpings of highlighter and bronzers for a bit of colour, I feel that if I follow with a bright pink, it makes my skin appear more radiant and sun kissed, even in the later months of the year. I try to avoid darker lip colours when I am lacking vitamin d, as the deep tones wash my pale winter skin out. 

There's a bright to suit anyone
Okay, so the first application of a vibrant red may not be suited to a more shy soul, because like it or not, you will stand out. But there is a bright that suits everyone. For example, I have a light to medium skin tone and very yellow undertones in my skin. So I know blue toned reds and pinks (think MAC's Russian Red) suit me best, as they are the opposite to my yellow undertones in my face. On the flip side, any orange or golden/yellow toned pink completely dulls my skin and washes me out, as they clash with my yellow undertones. 

It adds colour to an all-black outfit
This is my favourite one, as I am a self-confessed basics hoarder, I am all for the monochrome trend all year round. But sometimes wearing darker colours can make you appear quite moody and dark, so a bright lip not only lightens my mood, but makes you appear more approachable, put together and individual. 

Blue toned brights make your teeth look whiter
Going back to the colour wheel, as yellow and blue are on opposite ends of the colour spectrum, it means that these cherished blue toned brights will brighten your mouth, and the blue hues will draw out any yellow colouring on your teeth. Genius.

It lifts a bad mood
On mornings that I don't feel 100% myself, I want nothing more than to slip into a jumper and leggings and wish away the day. A simple face base is my fallback for bad days, so applying a brighter colour will lift my face, and for every time I look in the mirror at my pretty pout, my mood will move upwards too.

Monday, 29 September 2014

The Lip Lacquer Edit

Ah, the lip lacquer; a new beauty venture that began a couple of years ago...and I am only just jumping on the bandwagon. Oh how I have missed out! I haven't bought an actual lipstick in months, and my makeup drawers are now full to the brim with balm sticks, stains and lacquers.

So for today's post I have picked my favourite lip lacquers fit for purpose. But before I begin, I apologise for any rash (but necessary) purchases I induce after you have read is article. You have been warned.

The one for a bold lip
If I could marry a lip product, the Bourjois Velevet Rouge Lip Lacquer would be my lover! The formula is butter smooth, but this soon dries as a thick, matte colour on your lips. And then it will last all day. No cliches here, even after the messiest of meals the colour does not budge. With all of these factors, this lippie produces the perfect bold lip. The orange-red shade 'Hot Pepper' and the deep blue-red 'Grand Cru' are my current favourites for the autumn season, however the selection of bright pinks are on point for a spring and summer pout. 

The one for any time, any place 
I may of 'eep'ed a little when I heard the Maybelline Colour Elixirs had arrived along the aisles of my local Boots, and as predicted I belted my way down there to pick up a few shades. Like the Velvet Rouge Lacquers, the texture is so buttery, and the smell is amazing. Think warm toffee popcorn. And even with a thick, buttery finish, the formula is surprisingly long lasting. Not quite the same as the Bourjois balms, but equally as impressive. No other shade in the range can beat 'Raspberry Rhapsody' which is, unlike the name would suggest, a dark pink with mauve undertones, however I enjoy the pink true to its name 'Fuschia Flourish'. Both shades totally wearable and an any occasion go-to.

The one for a night on the town
For a night out, I look for an easy to apply option, to make sure I spend as little time as possible in the overcrowded ladies toilets at clubs, and a photo ready pout; so a bright colour that packs a lot of punch. And for me the Revlon Colourstay Lacquer Balm fit that bill for me. I only own one shade, the raspberry pink 'Provacetuer' and it is my go to for brightening my typically all-black ensembles. However I plan to pick up the purple toned pink 'Whimsical' and the sheer red 'Flirtatious' on future trips to boots when I am feeling spendy.

Tell me if you have surrendered to the lip lacquer, or if I have induced any purchases of these products...

Monday, 22 September 2014

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In My Bag: College Edition

Hello again! I am currently writing this from an overcrowded library surrounded by 17 year olds and the faint smell of fast food. Which can only mean one thing - college has started again. As I am studying my third and final year I have finally collected what I would consider my college essentials.

I have carried a rucksack pretty much everyday I have been studying here, and my go to at the moment is my New Look Rucksack in a pale lilac colour, which you would have seen photographed for my 5 things for your first day post. It's big enough for A4, perfect for worksheets, and has several pockets including a massive front pocket, which I mainly use for secret snacking in lectures, but it's also handy for carrying stuff too.

First thing to mention is that 99% of the time I don't take written notes in class. Shock horror. Instead, I have slimlined with my new iPad Mini I got for my 18th birthday. It's the perfect size for my rucksack and even my smaller tote bag for working and blogging out of college. And not having to lug several notebooks and folders around with me all day is the main selling point. So teamed with my document folders from WHSmith, for any worksheets or coursework I need to transport home crease free, I have the perfect lecture line up. But just in case I encounter an uber complicated graph or task that can't be typed up, I keep a notebook on hand for these emergencies.

As for stationery, I have two pencil cases; a cute pencil print number from Tesco, and a clear exam style pouch from Sainsburys. And they are both necessary; the printed pouch houses all my essentials: pencils, pens, sharpies, you know the drill. The clear case contains my unhealthy obsession for colourful ones. Inside you can spot my most loyal stationery items; the staedtler ball points, and the flouro version by Staples. Both brilliant for making boring equations and key words stand out in your notes or revision. 

And as true blogger, I keep a notebook handy for any spur of the moment ideas, and for sneakily writing posts in library booths. At the moment I am jotting in these patterned composition pads from Homesence. Super cheap and super cute.

I keep my beauty bag simple, however keep your eyes peeled for a specific post in the very near future, but for now let's appreciate how adorable this makeup bag from H&M is. Just adorable. And usually it houses the lip colour and scent I am wearing that day, touch ups including concealer and eyeliner, a mirror, hairbands, bobby pins, paracetamol and hay fever tablets. So overall very unglamourous. 

For my front pocket, I keep my keys, coin purse, work and college ID, tissues and as mentioned earlier, any secret snacks for munching in lectures. As for my phone and card wallet, I keep this in the fastened main section for safekeeping. 

And now for the taboo of all 'what's in my bag' posts, the 'sea of shite' at the bottom of my bag. And if you insist this doesn't exist in your handbag, you're not fooling anyone. Receipts, mints, lip products, pens, more lip products, sometimes even a pair of socks. Pretty impressive after only 2 weeks of college starting, I must say...

Friday, 5 September 2014

5 Things Before 'The First Day'

It's your first day at a new college or university. Its bigger, bolder and very different. I am ready to endeavour on my final, third year of college, but two years ago on my first day; I was bricking it. I wish I had someone to tell me how to deal with all the new experiences college brings: from wearing your own clothes (for school kids that suffered under thick shirts and terrible ties) to choosing your own subjects, to the crazy workload. Nevertheless I hope that today I can be that person - just think of me as your big sister for the next five paragraphs!

1) Do your homework
No, not completing essays (although, do that too!) but before starting refresh your memory on your courses and their content. I know I always feel more confident when I know what to expect and what's going to happen, so this step is a must for any fellow control freaks out there! If you are studying away from home, or even in a part of town you are not quite sure of, begin to search for local coffee shops, the cheapest lunch, and spots to study or chill out - aka the perfect spots for mornings or afternoons off!

2) Keep it low-key
If you are currently stressing out about what your first day outfit will be, stop now. If you are planning on stuffing your large tote until the poppers can't close shut, empty it. College is not the place for high-maintenance - as long as you keep clean and feel comfortable you will look the part. 

3) Grab your uniform
As mentioned in point 1, most colleges and sixth form have no clothing restrictions, so you are probably very confused/on the verge of a breakdown when reading the title of this point. But I don't mean it in the literal sense. When last minute back to college clothes shopping, find items from high street stores (because us students ain't go no time for labels) that you can mix and match seamlessly, so those 'nothing to wear' mornings are a thing of the past.

4) Be prepared
Most college websites will have equipment and textbook details listed on their course guides - so not only can you grab them before they are gone, but you'll have more effective study time. More study = less stress = win win. 

5) Be yourself
A saying to stick by in this situation is to 'start as you mean to go on'. Take the courses you love, talk to who you want and look the part. The best thing about college is that most schoolyard cliques are a thing of the past, so embrace your freedom and be who you want to be. I am miles more confident, independent and happy than 2 years ago, and I have college to thank! And for when I am feeling not so cocky and confident, I have coffee and concealer to thank.