Wednesday, 13 January 2016

January's Read

As exam season is well and truly underway, my head is currently burrowed in a core textbook, but between the lecture write-ups and mind maps I've been reaching for a few titles to rewind a little, and to remind myself that reading can be fun (something easily forgotten during exam season!), however one in particular has caught my fancy this month...

'One Day' By David Nicholls 
You may have seen the movie, starring the babe that is Anne Hathaway, but both the movie and the book tell a story that spans over a couple of decades, but takes place on the same day - St Swithin's Day. Emma and Dexter are two university students who spend the night of their graduation together, and incidentally the novel tells of their struggles together as two twenty-something's; with family, friends and career prospects, and of course, their love-lives.

A clever, witty and carefully written book - it's definitely one you won't be able to put down. Plus it's perfect paired with a cuppa, naturally.

Nevertheless I am looking forward to delving into another David Nicholls book or two. What has been at the top of your must-read list this month? Leave a comment below and let me know - I love getting book recommendations!

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