Sunday, 16 August 2015

Life Lately

Long time, no catch up! To say life has been hectic in the last couple of weeks is an understatement, from back-to-back festivals, to birthday celebrations, everything has been put on hold for a three week party! But I'm back to posting twice-weekly now - so keep an eye out for a new post this coming Wednesday!

First things first - my birthday! As I was in a field in deepest Dorset on my actual birthday, my family, friends and I pretty much celebrated a birthday week. The weekend before being the main event, with a cocktails night in (see Mojito above) and a riskay v-neck playsuit number from Motel (found half price on ASOS...) for a night on the town on the Saturday, followed by an obligatory lazy Sunday nursing a hefty hangover, of course!

And after two weeks in a tent, a (very small) handful of showers, numerous train/coach journeys, I have spent some of the last 14 days volunteering at both Camp Bestival and Boardmasters festivals. I will write a full blog post on my experience very soon, as my final festival, Reading & Leeds, is yet to come, but I worked several shifts with Oxfam and it was a lot of fun! And I can't wait to print my memories with the Polagram app, as I did for my birthday celebrations (see above) - perfect for displaying in my university room in September!

As mentioned earlier, a new post will be up here on the blog on Wednesday (festival related, obvs) so if you're heading to Beautiful Days/V Fest/Reading/Leeds/Bestival in the next few weeks, I'm here to help! 

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